Brick Repairs in London

Brick Repairs in London

The MMR Pointing London provides comprehensive brick repair services, especially in terms of work quality that needs to be solved to make your property’s brickwork in London even better. Given enough time, the brick will crack or even spill from either an environmental or structural shift or just mere old age. Specializing in brick defect identification and repair, we will make your building regain its integrity and visual perfection. Rely on MMR Pointing for definitive and lasting repairs to your bricks, designed to your specifications whether it be large or small.

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Brick Repair Experts

Brick Repair Services in London

Our professional brick repair services will restore your London property’s brickwork to its former beauty and strength. Our team is better described as excellent artisans who do renovation to the cracks, damaged bricks, and even the structure with the help of the best technology available in the market and the best materials. Our special focus on every detail and quality of work is applied to the project, from flaws to renovation.

Crack repair - Helifix crack stitching system

Count on us to provide an accurate assessment of the areas that need repairing, diagnosis, and, of course, repair of the areas of your brickwork promptly, tailored with professional levels to improve the general appearance and life of your property facade.

MMR Pointing London is among the companies that are pleased to offer advanced solutions for ineffectual and durable crack repairs, using modern helix systems for crack stitching. This modern system stabilizes and reinforces cracked masonry by using stainless steel helical bars bed-jointed or jointed into mortar joints.

The Helifix System offers high strength with flexibility to withstand structural movement without further cracking or displacement. The Helix products we stock have experienced technicians who know precisely how to install the product with precision, integrating with the crack repair projects carried out all over the London region to ensure performance for a long time. Entrust your brickwork to the Helifix system and MMR Pointing London, renowned for excellent knowledge and quality in delivering.

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