Brick Cleaning in London

Brick Cleaning in London

To restore the timeless beauty of your London property, avail yourself of our professional brick cleaning services from MMR Pointing London. Over the years, the brickwork begins to lose its charm under the ill effects of external elements such as dirt, pollution, and weathering that ruin its original lustre. We use advanced techniques and nature-friendly solutions to bring the bricks’ characteristics and restore their natural colours and textures. Our mortar cleaning techniques are suitable for both the long-standing stains and the grime collected on the surface, thus ensuring that we give you personalized mortar cleaning that will have your property looking fresh and rejuvenated, therefore adding value to the outlook of your property.

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Brick Cleaning Experts

Brick Cleaning Services in London

MMR Pointing London offers a complete service cleaning your bricks all around London, be it in residential or commercial capacities. Our professional team specializes in reviving brickwork using a set of effective cleaning approaches, every single one tailored to the variety of bricks and conditions to which the surface may require. With our techniques and equipment—from gentle steam cleaning to exact chemical treatments and powerful jet washing—guarantee first-rate results with the integrity of your bricks well preserved, we can bring your property’s exterior back to life. We bring your property back to life, reinstating that charm and appeal it had.

Steam cleaning

This makes it a soft, effective process of doing away with all the dirt, grime, and environmental contaminants from the brick surface. The high-temperature steam used in this process perforates deep into the brick’s pores and frees contaminants without necessarily having to remove or abrade the brick. MMR Pointing London carries out steam cleaning using a safe, non-toxic method that is ideally suitable for delicate brickwork restoration. Your property will be fresh and renewed.
steam brick cleaning London

Chemical cleaning

Our chemical cleaning process is meant to remove the dirt, algae, or atmospheric pollutants that may have grown deeper. The chemical we use is a specially designed industry-approved formulation that will disintegrate the contaminant without affecting the underlying structure of the bricks. Chemical cleaning is designed to meet specific challenges involved in brick cleaning. The facade and with it your property will regain their former beauty and vibrancy.
chemical brick cleaning London

Jet washing

Jet washing MMR Pointing London jet washing service provides a powerful washing solution for the most heavily soiled or large area. We do this by high-pressure water jetting—complete dirt, moss, or grime removal for you to see the true beauty of your bricks. Our professionals take care of intensive and homogeneous cleaning without causing harm. Your premise looks fresh and revitalized.
jet washing brick cleaning London


For tougher stains, such as paint residues or graffiti, sandblasting is another brick cleaning technique. We will carefully strip away surface layers without damaging the integrity of the brick substrate below by propelling an abrasive material, such as sand or grit, at high velocity. Perfection in the sandblasting is given by MMR Pointing in London. With all due possible precautions, so that a homogeneous and even result is obtained in cleaning.
sandblasting brick cleaning London

Brick Cleaning FAQ

Brick cleaning is the process of cleaning bricks of all filth, grime, staining, and pollutants on their surfaces so that the bricks, in effect, are unveiled to their natural beauty and structural soundness. This is an important activity for improving the appearance of the building and, at the same time, preventing it from long-term damage due to the impact of environmental factors and pollutants.

This will, of course, depend on factors such as location, the extent of exposure to weather conditions, and exposure to pollutants. As a rule, the need to clean bricks will need to be assessed every couple of years or so, but cleaning more frequently will be recommended in cases of increased soiling or pollution.

Signs that bricks need cleaning could be dark staining, moss, or algae growth; efflorescence, manifested in white powdery deposits; dirt accumulations; and general discolouration. Normally, this is the kind of sign that warns of damage to aesthetics and a much more serious one if not treated.

Some light dirt, on the other hand, can be cleaned off by very simple means of cleaning, though professional brick cleaning is recommended in the case of the most accurate, secured work to manage the stubborn spots of dirt and the most hidden ones. Professional cleaning is aware of the equipment and ensuring for useful cleaning, using only eco-solutions that will not harm surfaces.

Some of the benefits of having your brickwork professionally cleaned include improving the appearance and increasing curb appeal, adding years of extra life to your brickwork, removing any harmful pollutants that can be present, removing the possibility of moisture-related problems, and adding to your property value. Professional cleaners make sure the cleaning is thorough, leaving your brick surfaces beautiful and strong for longer. To put in the hands of the expert and professional guarantees that the results will be maximally achieved and the integrity of your property exteriors maintained.

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